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DIY Braces - Are they Safe?

 DIY Braces - Are They Safe? A Smile is one of the first things we notice about a person and having a beautiful smile can help to boost health, self esteem and confidence!  A healthy well cared for smile also prevents more dental problems! There can be several options for obtaining a beautiful healthy smile which Dr Rhonda Krause   at Loveland Family Dentistry  is happy to discuss.  Tooth straightening can be one option on the path to a dream smile and as technology has changed, traditional metal braces are not the only option.  Clear Aligners are a series of clear removable aligners custom fit by a dentist to your teeth to provide virtually irritation-free  toot straightening.  Because clear aligners are so inconspicuous, they are especially popular with adults.  The aligners are typically worn at least 20 hours per day and are only removed for eating and brushing/flossing.     Mail Order and DIY Braces    have become increasingly available to the public.  Mail order braces generally