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Worst Foods for Your Teeth Most People realize exercise and diet play an essential role in keeping them healthy.  However, do you realize how important a healthy mouth is for a healthy body? Dr Rhonda Krause of Loveland Family Dentistry ( recommends several foods you should try to avoid for your oral health. 1.  Candy Hard candy takes a long time to dissolve and it releases sugars into your mouth the entire time.  Biting down on a hard candy before it has dissolved can cause a chip, break or crack in your tooth.  2.  Soda Soda ,whether sugar-free or not, contains acid which allows plaque to attack tooth enamel.  If you sip soda all day, you are essentially coating your teeth in acid.  Plus it dries out your mouth, meaning you have less saliva to protect your teeth.  Dark colored soda can also stain your teeth.  Drink unsweetened tea or water instead.  3. Citrus Fruit Oranges, grapefruits, and lemons are tasty as both fruits and juices and are packed with vitami

Staying Healthy In A Viral World!

Staying Healthy In A Viral World Tips For Staying Healthy During The Coronavirus Pandemic       Nutrition – The best medicine for staying healthy is an “anti-inflammatory” diet consisting of natural foods, minimally altered in preparation.  Avoiding processed, fried, preserved and refined food sources is kay to staying healthy in a viral world.       Weight/Obesity/Diabetes – There are few chronic disorders more destructive than uncontrolled diabetes.  85% of diabetics are overweight.   Controlling weight is a key to staying healthy in a viral world.       Physical Activity – “ If you cannot find the time to exercise, you better find the time to be sick!” – Kenneth Cooper, MD   Simple physical activity such as fast-walking can provide cardiovascular benefits and help to stay healthy in a viral world.           Smoking – Smoke inhalation, nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide increase the risk of heart disease, raises cholesterol levels, increases blood clotting, weakens the immune s