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  How to Celebrate the New Year, Without Falling into the Diet Trap.   Humans are unique. While animals are using this time to bulk up, hunker down, and rest until the spring (think bear in a cozy den,) this is the time that most of us go into overdrive. We work long days, don’t see as much sunlight as we’d like, have to brave the hustle and bustle of stores, and are surrounded by tasty food that we feel pressured to eat (or not eat.)    As if that’s not enough, the pressure to make drastic changes come New Year is on. There’s a reason why gym memberships spike in January and fall in the months to come: these drastic changes are unrealistic and hard to maintain. This year, we challenge you to focus on small, achievable changes over a realistic period of time. Here are some ideas to get you feeling your best this winter, without all the pressure.  Make time to practice self-care.  Shorter days + colder weather + longer to-do lists mean that self-care typically falls to the w