Xylitol - What's the Big Deal??

Added sugar may be the single most unhealthy ingredient in the modern diet.  For this reason, sugar-free sweeteners like xylitol have become popular. Xylitol has been recognized as having various important benefits, including improved dental health!  This natural sugar alcohol helps prevent cavities by inhibiting the growth of the bacteria, Streptococcus mutans, that causes cavities. 

In fact, extended use of xylitol changes the quality of the bacteria in the mouth to cause fewer bacteria in the mouth to cause fewer decay causing bacteria to survive on the tooth surface.  

Parents Can Pass Cavities to Children
Streptococcus mutans has been found to pass from parents to their children which is why the regular use of xylitol by mothers can significantly reduce this bacterial transmission and results in fewer cavities for children. 

It has been shown that an optimal intake of 4-6 grams of xylitol per day in the form of gum or mints chewed or dissolved over 5 minutes will reduce the amount of streptococcus mutans significantly and should prevent the passing of this bacteria to a family member. 

Can Xylitol Do Anything Else?
Bacteria in the mouth can end up causing ear infections - a common problem in children.  It turns out that xylitol can starve some of these bacteria in the same way it starves plaque-producing baceria in the mouth.
Xylitol also feeds the friendly bacteria in your gut, acting as a soluable fiber and improving digestive health. 
Xylitol is also known to modulate the immune system which together with its antimicrobial activity contribute to reduced respiratory tract and sinus infections.
Xylitol also helps your skin by improving its barrier function and preventing the growth of potential skin pathogens.  
Emerging research shows that Xylitol IS a Big Deal !

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